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THP Rewards Fine Print:

The Hungry Pooch may alter or edit details of Rewards at any time.

These options are applicable for customers that spend on our website and in-store.

Multiple accounts cannot be counted as one customer.

Clearance and sale items/days may not collect rewards points depending on promotional details.

The same email must be used to ensure points are collected on one sole account and an account must be created online.


THP Rewards FAQ: 


Can I use / collect my points online?

YES – this is one of the main reasons we have changed to a new program. Previously, online shopping had no rewards, which we didn’t like. We wanted to ensure that everyone was taking full advantage in-store and online – so here we are. All sales now collect points and in both platforms you can spend the rewards.

Multiple Emails = trouble!

Your account is defined by a specific email. This email is also your THP Rewards account – they are linked. To maximize your points, you will need to use ONE CONSISTENT EMAIL both in-store and online. Shopping with different emails will create different accounts and they cannot be merged.

Obtaining the highest cash back value

Our THP Rewards have a minimum redemption amount of 500 points for $5 cash. However, if you save those points for later, the cash back value per point is saving the points will give you “better bang for your buck”. 

Cannot login to your account?

Contact us via email ( and we will quickly send you an Account Login Email to assist with the account login – make sure it’s the right email that you always use with us.

Are my Points transferable? 

Unfortunately, points are not directly transferable. However, you can convert your points to a coupon code to share with others! Simply login to your account, and under “THP Rewards” then “Manage Rewards” you have the option to do so! Points make a great gift for friends & family! 

How do I know how much I have spent this year?

Please email for assistance. 

Need Help Updating your account? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with these common questions:


Where can I find info about my rewards account? 

Go to our website, and login to your account. Once logged in, you will see “My Account” link at the bottom of your screen. Click this link. Once there, a menu will show, please select “My THP Rewards” as shown here: 


How can I see how many points I have to redeem?

Under “My Account”, then “THP Rewards” you will see your points available for redemption, and your purchase history. 


How can I earn more points? 

Under “My Account”, then “THP Rewards” you will see your points available for redemption, and your purchase history. If you click on “Get Points!” you will see available options on how to earn points quickly!

How do I enter my pet’s birthday?

Under “My Account”, you will see a menu option for “Account Details”. Under this, you will find a Date of Birth field. Please enter one date of birth / adoption day to qualify.



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